Assistive Listening Devices

Assistive Listening Devices

Assistive listening devices Melbourne, Victoria

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In keeping with our holistic model, hearservice has a Devices Specialist that is committed to providing assistive technology for your hearing needs. The Devices Specialist works closely with our Audiologists and Speech Pathologists ensuring that you achieve your maximum hearing potential by providing the best strategies and solutions to manage your hearing loss.

hearservice stocks an array of devices which can significantly assist communication for Deaf and hard of hearing people. Assistive Listening Devices can be used with or without hearing aids.

Devices are available for demonstration and purchase online and at hearservice and include:

  • Telephones with adjustable volume and tone controls
  • Mobile phone wireless Bluetooth Loopset
  • Television headsets with independent volume control
  • Doorbells with low pitch chime and visual prompts
  • Alarm clocks with volume control, tone, vibration and flash alert
  • Wireless alert systems for the telephone, smoke detector, doorbell and baby cry monitor
  • Induction hooks & loops which work with Telecoil feature of hearing aids to reduce background noise
  • Personal amplifiers which assist to increase surrounding noise
  • FM systems that work with your hearing aids increasing your speech understanding in challenging situations.

Our full catalogue of devices can be downloaded here.  If you would like more information about anything in the catalogue, you can email or call us on 1300 30 20 31.

Each hearservice clinic has a Devices display room. Contact us for your free one-hour demonstration appointment.

Product spotlight:

Brooks Smoke Alarm Package

Worried that you or a loved one will not hear the smoke alarm?

The Brooks Smoke Alarm Package includes components to give a visual and tactile (vibrating) alert, as well as the usual sounding alarm should the smoke detector be activated.

The Smoke Alarm Package is available to purchase from our online shop, or at our 3 permanent clinics.


Pictured (left to right): Smoke alarm transmitter, Flash reciever, Bed shaker

How does it work?

The Flash unit is placed beside the bed, and connected to the Bed Shaker. If the smoke alarm is activated, it will send a signal to the Flash unit. The Flash unit is connected to power via a mains adaptor and has a built in rechargeable battery backup.

Easy to install yourself, this package will allow you to keep safe and independent.

Did you know that you may be eligible for funding?

The Vicdeaf Smoke Alarm Subsidy is available to Victorians who are profoundly deaf or have a cochlear implant. More information, including eligibility criteria can be found here.

 Department of Veterans Affairs welcome.

Client: "hearservice have been fantastic in their knowledge and understanding of the domestic issues and flexibility required by deaf or hard of hearing people.  Since I purchased my mini vibrating alarm clock from hearservice after excellent consultation, I now have a portable alarm that I can take with me when I travel or work or represent Australia with the Australian Deaf Waterpolo team.  Thank you for helping make this part of my life so much easier for me."

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